dinsdag 8 mei 2012

May (English)

A lot of people publish the energyforcast of May, in fact there are so many of them, it makes me stop writing about it. But the past few days I actually got emails form regular readers of my blog, asking me to write - that makes me feel so honored - so, here i am.

As most of you probably noticed, the first week of May was very special. Its like we were in a stuffy room and someone opened to door to let the wind and sunshine in! Finally some fresh air, time to breathe!
For some however the opening of the door made them turn around só fast, that they threw their backs out.
This sudden 'turn' ofcourse doesn't have to have been psysical, its the energybody I speak of, but for many it has a direct effect on the physical body...so backs and hips and necks (maby knees) are presenting problems.
A second large group of people have larangitis issues, sore troats, bronchitis...the sudden draft of the opening of this door probably gave a lot of us colds...again!  (including me...again..3rd time since december)

So, what to do with all this physical discomfort? Personally i find medication pretty useless. It might take the edge off for a moment (nothing wrong with that, its a personal choice) but it doesn't solve anything.
We 'simply' have to become aware that we are powerfull beings, we can heal ourselves! Its taking the responsibility, becoming aware of your energies and the effect you have on your SELF.
If you are aware, it will be followed by the body, and you will heal.

A few things that might help you:
Meditate daily (even just for a few minutes). People often say they are not good at meditation, because they cannot stop their thinking. You know, thats okay! There is no need to stop thought (If a thought comes to your mind, it might actually have a message for you) just don't pay any attention to them, don't go into thinking about it at that time...just see it, recognise it and shelve it. Pay attention to it later.
Breathing consioussly. Also even if you do just a few minutes daily...take deep, calm deliberate breaths.
Eat well, eat foods that nourish you, not just fill you up.
Drink a lot of water, and be aware that this is 70% of what you are.
For me personally walking is a great way of healing, i try to at least walk an houer a day.
And finally, find people to spend time with people that bring out the best in you and want the same things you do. Harmonise.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Bless you.

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