donderdag 10 mei 2012

Sunspots and Indigo's (English)

The sun has been active the past weeks, but kinda lowkey, mostly c-class (minor) flares, but quit a lot of them. The past days there have been at least one or two m-class (medium)  flares daily, and the past 24 houers the m- flares are increasing in number and strenght. (early this morning an m 5.7, wich is almost an x-flare, the strongest kind)
The picture shows the sun as it is now, with sunspot 1476 turning towards us, and this one is promising as far as x-flares go.

As most of you know by now these flares are helping the earth and us to help us along our path to a higher consioussness. Personally i notice that my intuition is getting so much stronger. I seem to just know things that I didn't know..recognise that? Funny thing is, that we don't seem to remember what is was like before the shift, like i said before, we don't remember what we did not know.
So, just take my word for it :-)

Specially the early indigo's will notice the difference. Always having had a higher frequency then the world around us, earth has been a lonely place for many.
I have always known that something was 'off ', that for me to fitt in, I better be quiet, not show myself, turn down my light, hide my true self. Specially in school it was not safe to be all of me.
When I was about twelve I started reading about ESP, metaphysics, paranormal stuff and i was so happy!
That all resonated deeply with me, but it actually did not solve my 'problem' because it was the kind of stuff you are not supposed to talk about. It was all weird stuff...
Growing up i was hiding myself more and more, turning the lights down really low..wich was a lot easier in the nightlife, drinking a lot of alcohol wich enabeled me to at least release some of me. Smoking joints to at least explore me.
Then came the time to me, be here, be fully me and here. So I chose to do a lot of healing courses, workshops, study herbs and so on. It probably legitimised my being 'weird'.

Now..if feel that this shift is turning up the frequency and it feels so much more comfortable to be here!
I know a lot of us 'old' indigo's have the urge to go home, somehow having the feeling the work is done.
But, instead of leaving, I suggest we have a ball!! Celebrate us, celebrate the world, celebrate it ALL!!
Cranck up the frequency higher and higher, fly with the birds and the angels and create the summer of love!
A summer of love that will last forever!
Join me?


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