zaterdag 19 mei 2012

A sea of C's and a calm CME (English)

Another lill' blog for today a few people asked me about the flares and the CME and its effects now.
Well, we are still on this calm wave of minor C-flares, so sunactivity is murmering..whispering to us...
There is however a wave of the CME, energetic protons have been dancing around earth's atmosphere as of yesterday and that will go on for the best part of might settle down in the evening. (when other energies take over)
Its not a rush of wind though..everything seems to come in calm and proportioned.

Might this be our consioussness that is influencing this all? Are we getting the hang of it?
Two large sunspots the past weeks were expected to give us big flares, big bursts, drama...but they both calmed down..
Could it be that we are mirroring a more balanced look upon the whole shifting?

Maby..just maby we are learning to take our power back for real?
And as Dee Wallace said last week...if you don't like the word could replace it with grace.
Are we becoming more gracefull...treating eachother, the world and all there is with more love...and does the universe reflect that back to us?

I kinda like that thought..

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