maandag 14 mei 2012

Making money blogging (English)

A few days ago I discovered that I can actually make money while doing what I love to do which is writing.
I knew that google places ads on my page, but I was under the impression that hundreds or even a thousand readers a day were requiered to actually get paid.
Well, thats not true I discovered. Any visitor can click any one of the Google ads on my page and 'katsching' I get payed!
Cool huh?

So, now I needed to mobilise people to actually visit the sponsors by clicking the ads. Since i don't have a thousand readers YET...I just asked a few of them that I know, and low and behold, payments started to accumulate!
Now I really was excited...maby I don't need to go out and find a job I don't really want, maby I can just do what I really really love!!

Next step...finding out how to do this be kind of professional, how to optimise, how to increase (clicking) readers, how to ...geez...within 10 minutes of googeling adsensing and adwording I was ready to throw my laptop out or through the window!!
Even the easy-to-follow-help-program drives me crazy, because i don't understand the language. Even the advertising for complete dummies makes me wanne go out and get any job to avoid having to sink my teeth in.

But, I WILL get it!
I WILL sink my theeth in!
I WILL generate an income from blogging!
In the meantime, please help the ads (wich are still pictureless because i don't know how to make them visibly attractive) and please click the G+ button under this blog..if you can see it ...of which i am not sure...cause that will help my google ranking..or something..not sure...

I really don't like feeling dumb.

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