zaterdag 19 mei 2012

My name is Bond... (English)

Are your dreams as vivid as mine are lately?
I wake up extremely exited, tired, confused or just happy that the day has come- phew - so I can rest!

Last night i'm sure that I was in some kind of heroic resistancegroup, where we were blowing up stuff and doing sneaky sabotage stuff...i'm good at those in my dreams, going behind enemylines, infiltrating and doing what I need to do...i'm sure I do this for a good cause, because i know i'm one of the good guys in these stories...secret agent me.
Funny thing is, if James Bond does this...or Ethan Hunt...or Neo, they seem so cool calm and collected...but in my 'movie' I am scared shitless!! My hands are steady as I tie in the red and green cords and place the explosives, but i am really really scared!
But...I also know that I need to do I do.... proceed and make it so, and then I have to get out of there.
Ofcourse the way I came has been cut off...something got flooded I think...I need to find another way out. With my heart beating so loud that i'm scared someone will hear me, I have to walk as inconspicuously as i can through a crowd, and they aint my friends!
When i'm almost safe someone sees me and i have to run, and man, I am soooo fast!! I  run, jump, turn corners, slam into stuff, stumble and run...and the I slide under a fence and someone helps me by pulling me and help me on my feet...and when I look up to these strong hands and trusted eyes husbands.
And then I woke up.

I open my eyes and look into those eyes and say, ''thank you for saving me''.
His smiles his goofy smile (hey he knows me, he instantly understands I must have been dreaming) and I slide out of bed for some well earned coffee.
Glad that my real (?) life is a bit calmer. 

Have a great day!
(and night)

ps..look at this vidoclip..soooo me!!!!

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