maandag 21 mei 2012

I am ....Dee Wallace (English)


In this new series I want you to meet personal favorites of mine. Through an interview with Joe Rumbolo on the Lightworker broadcast, I discovered The Awakeningzone, my now favorite radiostation. (see links below)
There I found Dee Wallace and I knew that name was very familiar, but I could not place her in the fine world of spirituality and healing. I didn't take me long to realise she was this great moviestar, who played the mom in everyone's favorite 'E.T', (and many many other great parts) so I was curious and tuned into her show. Imediatly I was hooked, line and sinker.

When she was on her way to become the great actress she is, she started an acting studio, where she tought young actors, and soon she realised that it was all about energy...opening ones heart..getting to the core.
The work she did there was not just training to be better actors, but to be more wellrounded people.
From there its just a small step to healing and energywork right?

She started to develope that gift and started writing books. Her first book was 'Consious Creation' and that title descibes her work in the smallest possible nuttshell.
Dee is all about taking charge and creating your own life being the god you are.
Her second book was a co-creation with the wonderfull Jarrad Hewett (another personal favorite host of mine) called 'The big E' which became a #1 bestseller on Amazone.
And het latest book is 'Bright Light' the story of her life in acting and healingwork and how the two got so  related, a wonderfull, funny, pageturner, that I truely highly recommand. (great to take to the beach!)

And if you wanne get to know Dee and her healingwork, go to her webpage, or simply listen to her (free of charge) on The Awakeningzone or Voice America. (see links below) She is clear as a bell, she will make you laugh, she will show you the way to your heart and has an extremely low tolerance for bullshit :-)
And hey, you can even call her if you want, because on boths shows she takes calls the second half of the show. (and funnily, the challenges the listeners have are mostly yours too)

Next to this blog you see and caroussel that features some of her work.

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