donderdag 17 mei 2012

Flare, Storm and Guilt to Gratitude (English)


Slept like a log and woke up with a huge big fitst things first i checked for flares and yes..this morning very early (round 3.30) there was an M5.1 flare, and that means it got near to an X-flare. Spot 1476, of wich we had high expectations, gave us this one as a farewell present, before turning to the far side.
The flare sent a wave of protons that are now dancing around the earths atmosphere.

So if you got up this morning, feeling now know why that probably is. Old pains are coming up if you ever had a bad back (hips, neck..whatever) it will probably bother you right now. Your all over health can be tried again, so colds may return, throats and coughs play up again.
Its all okay, don't worry about it, it will be fine after the weekend.

This weekend is - energetically - gonna be fierce, now that a storm has added itself to the occasion...the eclips, the alignment of the planets. All this you might have read about on the net or in my blog
To me this weekend is clearly about opening up to all possibilities. And for your heart to be open, you need to let go of fear and guilt.
Fear will stop you form anything..its the greatest killer of anything good. So even if you are afraid, even if you are fearfull..its important to not let it be your guide. Just tell it to not bother quiet!
And the there is always good old guilt. Feeling guilty for not being held back, feeling guilty for choosing yourself, feeling guilty because you do not let the misery rule your world...
But guilt lives in you only, its has got nothing to do with the rest of the world. De world doesn't care, doesn't take your guilts lead and certainly won't change because of it!
Well i say..bye bye baby..I will not play that game!!

The game I play is about empowering yourself and as many people as you possible can...spread your light, spread your love!
If you want people to be kind, you be kind!
If you want people to be patient, you be patient!
If you want people to be loving, you be love!!
If you want people to be gratefull, be gratitude!

These sayings of ''what goes around comes around''  and  ''what you give is what you get'' and finally ''be the change you want to see in this world'' are true.
Give em a go!

Love ya!

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