woensdag 16 mei 2012

Cut backs and Diamonds (English)

When I watched the news this morning, there were an odd couple of messages in one broadcast...
On the one hand they were talking about (what else) governament cutbacks, and how people will really have to find ways to decrease their spending. And on the other hand some prussian prince had to sell his worldfamous diamond -  the Belle Sancy - cause he was hard up for cash too. (bless him poor bugger, he got 6 million euros for his stone)
Wouldn't you wish you had a stone like that to sell too huh?

That made me think.
See, if all is energy, if all matter is energy when brought back to its ground state, (Einstein could not prove it, but he had stong suspicions about the zero point field probably being the only reality) then so is our money, our lack thereof, the Belle Sancy diamond and everything else that is out 'there' also just that.
So lets, for the sake of argument, say that this is factual; everything is energy.
The first question that ties into this is; Who owns the energy?
Well...us being energy too - and presumebly all people being of equal energy - then why does one person 'own' more of the energy then the next person? Why does one have more energy that can be used to buy, sell and trade, eat and collect...
Getting tangeled up in my own thoughts here...cause 'the energy' doesn't care if we pick up a pebble in the garden or hold a diamond...thats just something we made up, the rules of the game..whom ever thought of this crazy game?

Game..hmm..i guess it is all just a game isn't it?
We all come in with nothing, we all leave with nothing, and in the meantime we play with the energy...in the field of energy. Doesn't it seem ridiculously futile to spend this short time we are here to play, with being worried? Waisting playtime with fighting over having more or having less? Preoccupied with gathering more then the neighbours?
Nah..don't wanne play that way! I'd rather spend my time and energy enjoying good company, seeing the leafs turn green each year, feeling the warmth of the sun, having a laugh and having whatever energy we need come to us...life is magical, and as Steve Rother always says; '' Play well together''

Oh and..yes, I will trade you my pebble for your diamond anytime :-))))


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