vrijdag 11 mei 2012

Choosing, again and again and again..(English)

Quite often I get emails or messages on facebook about my blogs, and mostly its people telling me how they recognise themselves or how happy they are that its - 'aaah'- probably those flares that cause the discomfort or boost they are experiencing.
And sometimes i get a respons from people who feel sad and unhappy and are in pain, and it kinda makes either depressed or pissed off that they experience a whole other reality then I do.
Sometimes I suspect envie, and maby even resentment, because they obviously have a much harder life then I do, because if I were to walk in their shoes I would not always be so happy and light on my feet and in my heart.

Well yeah, my life has been relatively easy...my parents are great people, and my childhood was pretty carless. I have never had real physical challenges and looks were always good enough not to bother me.
But, i'm also human and yes i had my fair share of difficulties too, like everyone has.
Its a cliché, but i think its not so much what you have thrown at you, but how you deal with that.
So, I say that it is a choise. You choose how to deal with anything that comes your way.
Some people want to know how, others get mad and feel I don't get the seriousness of their problems.

Not ever to be a victim of anything or anyone, is a choice.
See..this choosing is not something you do one sunday afternoon and thats it..
Its not just that you decide to be happy and thats it , voila your happy from now on.
Choosing is something you do over and over again, as many times as needed to turn it into a habit!
So don't go back to the past to prove your point, don't go filling in your future based on what has been..there is only now..over and over and over again.

Its like a muscle that needs to be worked out...nobody has ever gotten a sixpack just because they choose to have one..it takes a lot of persistance.
And in the beginning you may look at your tummy and  think..thats more like a barrel...but keep working and one day the muscles will start showing.
Its no different with choosing happy and balance. Be aware of  unhappiness, be aware of disbalance, and as soon as you detect it..make a choise! Do you wanne stay in that state? Or do you choose to change it?
The choise is yours..NOW!

It took me years to be really consciously working on this, and finally its paying off.
I'm starting to be in the now. Choosing who i am and how I am..every second of every day.
There is nothing that is keeping you from being the most awesome you that you can possibly be.
Just choose it now!


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