woensdag 9 mei 2012

Wassup with may 20th?? (English)

So, there's a lot on the web about may 20th, here are some of em.
* Again an important mark on the Mayan calendar,  the return of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl (there is a lot on this feathered snake deity on the net)
* the articles that appear about the quadroupoling of the earths magnatic field.
* A rather special solar eclips (This eclipse is the first of 3 remarkable astronomical events of 2012, followed by the transit of Venus on June 6, 2012 and a total solar eclipse on November 13.)
Special because it will show a ring of the sun around the moon..a ring of fire.
* Nostradamus apparently announced a nasty earthquake.
* There will be an exeptional alignment of the earth, the moon, the sun and the Pleiades, all lining up in the center of the galaxy. (http://www.grahamhancock.com/forum/JenkinsJM1-p1.htm)
* And maby the most mindblowing to me, are the explicit cropcirkles in this is this video, wich shows that all of this ties together..
* And finally, on a more personal note, we had planned a workshop on the 20th, but nobody enroled for it..nobody...thats really weird, 

I am not about to pretend to know anything about anything, if you want to know more i suggest you surf the net.
The reason i do mention all of this, is that it would somehow fitt my feelings of anticipation. Lately i constantly have this feeling that something is going to happen. Or even better said..its like there is something i should know, but just won't reach my consioussness.
When my husband comes home, I usually fill him in on what happened here during the day, whats up with the kids and stuff like that. Lately I always have the feeling there is something I should tell him...like there is something really important that I have forgotten.
You know that feeling? Its kind of annoying because it won't subside and it bugs me all night...

So, is this it..is all of this stuff thats supposedly coming up the thing that rattles my memory of things to come?
Its kind of confusing huh?

Well..lets not give into confusion or fear..we know that all is well and in divine order.
But just to cover your ass and mine in case the Mayans and Nostradamus are right..i'll be sending love and light to all situations around all that.
Be light, be love.
And so it is.

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