donderdag 31 mei 2012

What did May bring you? (English)

What did the month of May bring you?  
Its has been quite an interesting month, with the eclips, the alignment of planets, some energy blasts from the sun, but all in moderation.
For me it has been a month of revelations, the most important one  is the one concerning my writing.
As I have told you before, I have always wanted to write, and now it seems that finally barrieres have fallen away, finally I obviously cleared some major blockage. Woohoo!
Now I feel driven to write. Yesterday I was gone from my computer all day, and I missed, not the computer..the writing!

So what did the month of May bring you?
Have you discovered something important about you? Has a passion come to the surface for you? Did you notice what it was?
Hopefully you didn't dismiss it, we have all done that way too often.
When we were young it used to be our teachers, our friends, our parents, telling us that our passions were mere fantasies (don't be so naive) , that it was time to get over them, move on, grow up, forget about your childish dreams.
And probably even from the best of intentions, hoping that following the way of the head would keep us safe?
I hope you listened to the heart though..took your passions, dreams and fantasies and looked straight at them, because ofcourse they harbour our true nature, thats where the real you lives, thats your core, your heartsdesire!

''Do heartsdesires pay the bills?'', I can hear you think - self critique being oh so present - and its a legitemate question.
I don't have the answer to that..I guess we all are the creator of our own world, we are the ruler of our own universe, so it probably depends or your creating abilities...or lifting the blockages from those abilities. 
But, there is nothing wrong with doing a job that is not your heartsdesire, just to pay the bills as long as the 3D world needs us to. As long as it doesn't make you miserable...
Heartsdesires are something you live to do....not do to live?

So, tell me what happened in your May..what smiled at you? What made you smile back?
Its really really important to pay attention to that, because next week there will be this transit of Venus.
I think, or rather feel, that this transit is going to be like the wave of the magic wand of the good fairygodmother...
What is it you want...who do you want to be..what is going to be the life of your choise?
This week is going to be vital..make up your mind, listen to your heart....

And so it is!


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