dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Activity (of the sun) is...none (English)

The first week of may, opened up a lot of possibilities, a constant wave of solarctivity (mostly c-flares and thus small in force) kept our creative juices flowing, great ideas just emerged by itself, even the following activity came natural.
The wave of flares kept us moving untill the 20th...then it all quieted down....till almost a complete flatline (see picture)...nothing is happening, nothing visible anyway.
As it is without ..so it is within?

For me personally the energy of those first three weeks gave me plenty ideas, plenty to go on, bucketloads of inspiration and now with the quiet comes that dreaded time of doubting myself again.
Was I building castles made of sand again? Getting way ahead of myself again? Fantasising, delusional?
Should I stop dreaming and put my nose to the grindstone, send out jobapplications again, that not only make me unhappy even thinking about them, but don't even get me jobs anyway?
Or should I trust the feeling of those first weeks of may? Was there actualy validity in that? Could it be possible?

I'm talking about the amazing discovery that I could actually make some money off of blogging, which was an astonishing realisation!
I've always wanted to write, thought about journalism, thought of books and was frustrated that that just didnt seem to be for me.
I often said, I wish I could make money writing letters, cause thats what I love to do...and is this not a little like that? Me writing you a letter?
Then I asked you to help me out by clicking adds, but then I was told that I can't ask that...google won't have it.

A little frustrated cause the moneyflow was all but gone...then came the 20th of may...and that kinda turned things around for me.
After having done a group distance meditation and healing my heart was wide open and I felt connected to the field of possibilities.
Or was it the alignment? The eclips maby? The coming of my friend Quatzecoatl?
Whatever it was...when I lay down in bed I kinda surrendered myself to the energies, and i'm telling you...I felt the alignment mirroring the chakra's in my body...
The earth corresponding with the lower ones, the moon with my feeling centre, the sun fiercly set my heart ablaze and the Pleiades lit up the clarity in my head!
I felt a sort of popping sound (yes, really...I félt the sound) from the lower chakra up...and it was perfect and clear and wonderfull.

So..instead of letting the frustrations get the better of me, I have decided to really dig into blogging, finding out whatever I can to make this blog huge. And with twohundred readers a day i can say..i'm on my way!
I am greatfull to you all and would be honored if you would help me any way you can.
Spread the word, twitter the link, put it on your facebook page, and maby even officially become an official follower.
I promise to make this all as pleasant as I can.

Thank you.

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