maandag 5 maart 2012

Yes, X flare (English)

So, my predicition of yesterday came true...this morning at 5.13 out time here in the Netherlands (0413 GMT) the was a big fat X-class flare (X1, so a modest big fat flare) and i sure felt it..had a night full of tossin' and turnin', but feel wide awake nontheless. The CME (thats like the charged wind of the flare) will be reaching earth in a day or two. But when you are sensitive to this feel it allready..ready for some big emotions?

We are also gonna have a full moon thursdaymorning, and it occurs in Virgo...which makes it and even more emotional time. We are blessed...the Sun is in Pisces, and that gives us some balance...the sign of 'come what may'.
Another interesting aspect to look at is Mars, because today this planet is at its closest to the Earth it will be this year. Mars is also in Virgo, which makes this a great week for work...planning, details, getting the job done.
(i'n not an astrologer..i just looked it up)

Now..for the last piece..please watch this video by Doreen Virtue...and see what she tributes to this.

Isnt this amazing?
Lets use this energy well...start your week with healing. Heal yourself, heal the world, be aware of fierce emotions, if it gets a bit hard..try to convert it to joy, the highest energy of all!
At the end of the week you'll be totaly refreshed to get the job done!


Because of these intens energies i have an offer on distance healing, it will be only 10 euro per 15 minutes this week! Drop me a line if you want one!

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