zondag 11 maart 2012

Double flare saturday (English)

I suggest we rename sunspot AR1429 and call it Perpetual Party!
Yesterday at 0527 GMT (thats 06.27 out time) ánd at 1744 GMT (18.44 our time) it released two more big flars, almost X-class ones. So, we are definitly at a peak in this cycle.

To me the most significant effect that seems to be going on is the clarity it brings. (look outside!)
I hear people talk about the effects on their physical body, aches and pains, skinproblems (which are mostly the cleansing - coming out of your body- old pain and rubbish) and in the psychic realm, emotions that need to be dealt with, fear and anger will no longer be surpressed or ignored.

We are transforming, on all levels...not just the ones that we see, feel and understand. Many speak of our changing on cellular level our DNA, the return of the christed-energy ( not Christ the person) the expansion of our lightbodies...
What does all of that mean?
It means we are going through some real changes here...its not something that we can ignore, not something we need to regulate. Its bigger then us and at the same time, it is us.
So what can we do?
I'd say; don't fight it, don't try to resist anything. If you dig your heels in, that might cause more discomfort than necessary. I recommend drinking lots of water, herbal tea that might help the clearing process along, eat honest and good food.
And finally, please feed all that is love, starve all that is fear.

Take care of you and your loved-ones!

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