zaterdag 3 maart 2012

Kosmos Now (English)

Kosmos Now (in Dutch Kosmos Nu) is the name of my compagny, and website. The 'nu' domainextension  i chose because the TLD  'nl' was not available, so i needed an alternative, and how great was this one!!
A bit of a shame it is not an international word, this 'nu', because now the majority of the world doesn't know how great the name is.

When i was chewing on a name for this compagny, i remebered my time in Greece..i was living there this winter and people asked me all the time where i was from ...and if i would say the Netherlands, most of the time the conversation went to clichés i was fed up i started answering : from the cosmos.
The word cosmos has many origins, but mostly refers to the universe and the very appropriate.

I have been told by several people i should start a group on facebook, because a lot of my activity there is work related. I advertise workshops there (way too often probably, because i so want the whole world to know about them) and also publish the url to my blog and website there..which are mostly about the cosmos.
Oh..which are always about the cosmos, because everything is the cosmos haha...

Last week, the 29th, i did a distance meditation and healing with a great group of people which was amazing.
I composed a guideline, with a clip from youtube, some words and  music, many asked me if we could do this again, so i am thinking about doing this maby monthly.
Anyone can join (at any time, energy does not tell time) , its from the warmth of your own home and you pay for it whatever you feel is right.
I'm looking into including a spoken guided meditation, so i might start doing that too.
Wanne keep informed?
Well..then you can join my facebook group that i am about to create this weekend...i guess you know its name by now? Kosmos Now!
See ya there!

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