woensdag 7 maart 2012

Yep, anóther one! (English)

Yes...did you feel it coming yesterday, afternoon and evening? At 0.30 GMT last night the sun produced an even bigger flare then the one earlier this week, an X5..they don't get much bigger!

Yesterday afternoon you could feel it coming...just like the sea retracts extremely when a tsunami is coming, you could feel the energy doing the same. Everything seemed to be slooooowing doooown....
Now we know why.
So, at least untill the 9th of March, we have the wind in our back and its a great time for descisions, make changes, move mountains. Use this for your job or use it for your inner work.
And as i wrote before, thursday we will also have a full moon, so a perfect time to look at you most deepest inner emotions. (and don't forget other will be doing the same...be warned, be wise!)

Because of all of this, i still have an offer for a distance healing, only 10 euros for 15 minutes!


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