zondag 18 maart 2012

Dreams 'n stuff (English)

Woke up tired of my dreams...again! My oh my....its seems like i dream everything at once, all the stories of my entire life in one story. So..nothing makes any sense, , it all just a mindboggeling entanglement!
I hear a lot of people mention this. Some are so busy at night that they just have to take (dreamless?) naps during the day.
I am sure this has to do with the expansion (that started after 29-2 and was totally intensified and magnified by this week of sunflares)...stuff in our brain was probably lying there in some kind of order before..like a row of pencils in a box. Maby not in the right order of colour...but at least in line.
Now these pencils seem to be floating through the air, seemingly random.

Its a bit like that with our emotions too it seems...they have so much space to tumble around in. We yo-yo from being exstatic to tired and depreressed, only to be full of hope the next minute and anxious the next.
Its like emotions float in front of us and we recognise them...''hey look, there goes my sadness'' or '' oh, i know you..you are my anger!''
We don't seem to need stuff happening outside us to feel these things...its like we randomly wear them!
So we are waking up and putting on your workgear for breakfast, then changing into a cocktaildress for work, but when you get to work you are wearing a joggingsuit, that changes into a beachdress and sunhat the second you realise it.

Maby that is kinda curate..and maby its telling us that it is all good. Maby we need to know that all we feel is perfect. That it absolutely doesn't matter (matter!) which one we wear...that its all just 3D. So last century.
Maby our minds are preparing us for letting go of logic..letting go of order as we knew it?

Will i still be able to write a blog...or is this too just gonna be a jumble of letters..and you get to choose the order?
Interesting times we live in...

Take care!!

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