vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Death (English)

Death seems to be on many minds these days. Friends (and myself) dream about death in one form or another.
And its not nessiceraly about their own death, nor does it seem to be about the fear of death.
Maby death is one of the very important issues we are developing a new view of?

In februari there was a filmfestival in the Netherlands called : ''The end of life Film & Documentary Festival THE END''.  ( Het Levenseinde Film & Documentaire Festival THE END) In this week that was initiated bij society for voluntary ending of life (sorry if the translations are inadequate) and it for example featured a dutch film about a man ending his life with the help of his doctor and friend 'The good death'' (De goede dood) . The film shows the last day of the man and his family.

On tv there was a man, in his seventies i guess, who had lost his wife, and said he was done with living his life. Nothing dramatic...not out of grief..he was just done!

On facebook we had a discussion about this too, why is death so regulated...why isn't it just simply a matter of free choise?

Yesterday the dutch parliament was discussing a bill about the free will in all of this..they did not at the end had an agreement, but to me it seems very important that at least its being talked about.
Have you thought about this too lately? It seems to be a worldwide theme, but i am pretty sure that here in the Netherlands we finally we show our progressive face once again. We used to be a nation of freethinkers!
I'd love to cultivate that and make it grow again. Many faces, many opinions, much freedom.

In my world, or within the spiritual context dying is nothing more (or less) then going back to your true and original form (is that an acurate description?) everything is energy and nothing can ever be lost.
Lets stand for freedom of choice..allways.


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