woensdag 14 maart 2012

One more!! (English)

This sunspot AR1429 (a.k.a Perpetual Party) was saying goodbye...turning to the farside of the sun again after a weeklong releasing of flares...spaceweather.com was reporting a quieting down...when all of a sudden, yesterday 18.41 our time (1741 GMT) it deceided to give us one last present, an almost X-flare...one for the road!
Thank you extrodinairy spot..it was a blast!!

Yesterday some lovely friends asked me how to use and not resist the energy..how to benefit and  not be troubeled by it.
And as always when it comeds to energy, its hard to put into words, so this analogy came up:
Imagine sitting under a running faucet. After a while that becomes rather nasty..right? Your head will start to hurt and the water in your eyes is no fun.
But what if you would tilt your head and you could drink the water? What if you could move a little and the water could massage your sore neck? How about the fact that the water cleans and revives you?
So...shift a little, change your perspective and this tedious situation becomes a situation you truely can benefit from!

Its the same with the flare energy. It helps us going through a proces, as a catalyst.
See, you are not the same person after the flare as you were before. But that is really difficult to see, because how do you know you have become aware? How do you remember not knowing things if it seems like you have always known?
How do you know what you have forgotten?

Your energy has changed dramatically this past week, trust me. It seems to me like a lot of people are fed up with unclarity. Fed up with frustration. Tired of pretending. As Jim Self says; '' it becomes more and more difficult to pretend to be who you are not''
Who we are not...seems to be falling away.

Its a good thing we are all going through this shift, because that means that others will get your change..they will feel that its good and true.
But there will always be people who will hang on to what was...and they will not understand your change (yet).
They will want you to be who you always seemed to be.
So...conflict is around the corner, friendships will be ending, (family) ties will be cut.
Be aware, its nothing personal.
Take your steps carefully and deliberately. Be clear, be true, be loving.
We are all in this together, so treat everyone with the same care you want to be treated with.

Bless you,

An exercise for when you feel headaches or tired or sad or angry with the flares:

We all have a 'energytube'  running trough us, its calles the Athakarana (google!) ...when its needed, you find that beam...feel that it connects you to the endless universe, en the core of mother Earth. Now...breathe into it.
With every breath you can expand this tube/beam...its not solid...its fluid, its etherical...and the more you can let it expand...the easier it is to fit your aches and pains into it...dilute it if you will.

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