woensdag 28 maart 2012

Flares and Growingpains (English)

On my beloved site spaceweather.com it says: ''None of these sunspots pose a threat for strong solar flares''.
The word 'these' is referring to the sunspots that are facing Earth.
But...it also says: '' Transiting the farside of the sun, never-say-die sunspot AR1429 erupted during the late hours of March 26th, producing its 11th major CME...Earth is not in the line of fire.''

To me that is really funny, very scientific..because ofcourse it is a total illusion that, because its not directed at us..it won't effect us?
I'm sure they heared of  'the butterfly-effect' ...or know about the ripple effect when a stone hits the surface of the water?
So..we can safely assume, we are still very much effected by our friend, sunspot AR1429. (very much living up to the name i gave it..Perpetual Party!)

We all know what it looks like when we trouw a pebble in the water...the first waves are strong and create strong ripples...and every ripple after that creates (seemingly) calmer waves, less high..but..the circle also grows bigger, wider!
Its the same with the flares, the direct hits are fierce, the ones we experience now are wider, but not really any less effective.

Our bodies, (lightbody, emotional body etc etc) are going through deep changes, real changes, and the most obvious change seems to be in out lower chakra's now..our connection to the Earth. And knowing that the Earth is also going through some major changes...that would explain what we feel. Because the centre of our feeling, the solar plexus, our abdominal area and lower back are the parts where a lot of us are feeling it best.
That creates a feeling of expectation, excitement, anticipation, joy...but also anxiety, fear and anger.
If you block or repress those emotions, you are likely to experience intestinal problems (stomache flu) and/or lower back pain. Maby even to a point where you feel like you have the flu and have to stay in bed. (feeling feverish without an actual fever maby?)
Thats a lot of feeling huh?

Sweet ones..it is not going to go away. These changes will be intensifying in the time ahead, there will be more..much more. So..learn to deal with it is my advice!
How? Ask your heart, cause the heart knows, the heart is aware..be in that awareness, know that it is ALL good.
These waves are not rolling on and off..they are rolling on..and stay..they are supporting our process, helping us along the process. Give into them..let it happen, without resisting, without judging..it is all good.


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