woensdag 18 juli 2012

Whoopsadaisy! (English)

Eventhough 'whoopsadaisy'  seems to be a very sunny word, and there is no sun to be found outside...there's a lot of it to be found inside!
The past few days have been kinda disasterous in 3D, with bills coming from all angles (havin no idea how to pay them, but they tend to get payed anyway and we always live to tell) with bad news running in the family healthwise, with the world being in the turmoil it is in....I can't help it, I feel soooo good!!
Its like every one of my cells have decided to throw a party...and oooh yeah, I was invited to all of em!

Eversince that last x-flare..when was it...the 6th of this month, things have been looking up. Its like that one kicked me out of this sludge that prevented everything and anything from moving...and then all of a sudden we were lifted to a whole other plateau, with lots of space and clean freshness!
There may be no abundance in my bankaccount (yet)....there sure is an increase in my energylevel, and boy that feels good after having been tired for months!
So I guess that takes us right back to trust...trusting that the rest will follow, that the abundance does not stop here..that this is just te beginning of total abundant freedom ahead!

Total abundant freedom...can you honestly say that you trust that thát is what is ahead? Do you claim that for yourself in full trust and naivety...and then just let it go?
Hm...i'm not so sure of that..but what I do know is that i'm a lot closer to that full belief, to that creation then I was a few weeks ago. I think I feel safer...I knów I feel safer, so I must have let go of a lot of the fears that I used to carry around.
I knéw that this was happening...I knew that this releasing and letting go was not just talk...and now I feel it.
Do you feel it too?
Can you feel that you really did let go? Can you feel you are lighter? (more enlightened?)

So...we are doing well...creating well..and I knów there is no wrong path, because every path is right if you are on it....but I can sure tell you that this path is much preferred!
Now all we need is to keep walking, keep trusting that all is well!
(and a bit more sun would be nice thank you very much)


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