zondag 29 juli 2012

Bye bye caterpillar! (English)

Can you feel it? Can you feel yourself transforming? The caterpillar is definitly no more...

After a bit of quiet time, solar energy is picking up..and its promising to give us another wave to ride.
Its started last tuesday with some small flares, like a warming up, friday we were presented with an M-flare. Yesterday at 2056 UT another M-flare wich was even a bit stronger...getting close to being an X-flare.
This coming from a sunspot that is not yet facing Earth...so thats promising.

I know I am repeating myself, but I cannot change what is going on. We are still letting go of the stuff we do not need...we are still shedding old skin, leaving behind what we are not...transforming to become the butterfly we are.
Butterflies can't fly when the past is weighing them down.

Jim Self recently said, that when you would open up a cocoon halfway through its proces of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, there is not a creature inside that resembles both...or either one of them. What you would find inside is shapeless goo.
So..that would be us now.
We are not the caterpillar anymore.
Not yet the butterfly.

Its been quit a ride, letting go of that familiar shape. For some it was painfull, for most of us scary from time to time, for all of us it is a complety new experience.
Thats where - again - the trust comes in. You need to trust the transformation, trust the process, trust that all is well, exactly as it is.
(Yes...you are supposed to be goo :-)))
Lead the way in showing trust, be that trust for others to see, because a lot of us are still in the process of letting go of that caterpillar state of being.
They might still be in pain, are still scared, because they might not see the road ahead.
Be love, be trust.

So, from this goo, the butterfly that we are will be born...and that is starting to dawn on most of you too.
And ofcourse, scared of change as we tend to be...this is also making us nervous and anxious. Its is also filling us with anticipation and excitement, and I suggest we concentrate on thát feeling.
Because it is exciting to reinvent yourself!
Some people just left their loved ones to start a whole new life, some are starting completely different careers, former dreams are turning into reality. We are realising we do not have to choose one thing and be stuck with that for ever....change is good, change is neccesary, heck we are the change right now!
Change your food, change your ideas, change your outlook and change your actions, change your perspective. 
Change your living space, change your habits, change your style, change your clothes, change your hair.
Go for it...now is the time to let the you that always lived deep (hidden) inside of you to come out!
Come out to play!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Change is only a good thing when it is a continuous improving learning process.
    Don't change for the sake of changing!

    Any road is good as long as you implement the lessons learned from it.

    Thanks for this great insight inside!
    I want to turn my goo into this magnificent butterfly
    I am ready to spread my wings!

    I didn't know your blogs are so good, I should read more of them..

    Thanks, Tony Verheij

  2. Neither the caterpillar nor the butterfly have a reason for changing...they just DO..because they ARE.
    Thanks for the beautifull words Tony!