dinsdag 3 juli 2012

Mastering ascension....I guess? (English)

Up and down and back and forth, we climb, we move, we fall, we scramble, we dance, we cry, we laugh...and we sigh..
This ascension thing is so much fun, but boy can it wear you out!
I don't think I have even been this tired before in my life! I just came from the docters to have my blood tested for all kinds of ailments, which does not take away from the fact that this is happening now.
That eventhough its might be physical...it is also to do with the proces of ascension.

The past few years have been a breeze..I was on my way/path...working on my awareness, my consciousness, getting to know my ego and finding it a fitting space to be. I was oh so spiritual, meditating and doing all the right things.
This ascension..was gonna be a breeze!
So..I was really looking forward to 2012, cause nothing too evasive was going to happen to me...I was waaaay ahead of that game!

I also knew that the proces came with all kinds of pain, sorrow, changes, fears and being turned inside out..and I was fine with that..I even welcomed every dark period, cause I knew it was leading to something real..something loving, something light.
So I  released myself from being afraid of change, was aware that suffering was not at all required, that the only thing to fear was fear itself, and I think I was very brave about the whole thing...found that I was quite good at this getting enlightened.

Then came my connection to the sunflares..didn't know why, but I could feel them so clearly, and I developed kind of an understanding about them. Interpreting what they were bringing, and started to bring that out. I was glad to be able to translate..to be some kind of voice..
Looking back, I can see that a lot changed last november. A lot of big strong flares set a whole new ballgame in motion. The energies changed for real, and we all changed gears, paths and our general being.
In March we got boosted by the Solar energies, and a lot of us kinda went spinning off...
Some may have gotten lost from all the change of this past season, some of you lost a lot, I know.
Some may be in a state of celebration since then, walking on air eversince.
Some may have gone into fear or anxiety, working hard to shake that.
Some of us...and this includes me, may have felt kinda lost, or even superfluous. Kinda felt like our job was done here..maby it was time to go home??

I was not at all ready to go home though, even if it was only for the wonderfull kids I have.
But..what to do now? Where to go? Whom to be?
See...I did what I came here to do this lifetime...whats is left now?
Everything seemed to come to a grinding halt...slowing down..till there was no speed left.
(even solaractivity seemed to be slowing down more and more, with only the odd  medium flare here and there)
My ambitions were gone, my job as an energytherapist dissolved...I even went all the way upto the point that my physical body is not functioning properly
It stopped.
I stopped.
So now there is this need to reinvent myself.

And then July came.
Somehow this seems to change it all...can you feel it too?
It gives me goosebumps even typing the words.
As I said in previous blogs, we have discarted all that we are not.
And we are now left with that what we truely are, it really is time to move forward again!
This was strengthened by a really big M-class flare yesterday, wich was on the edge of being an X-flare, and I am pretty sure it will not come alone. Solaractivity is picking up, and tonight we have a full moon to strengthen even that!
We are on the move!!

From today untill at least december we will be on the upswing, creating us anew!
Sure there will be ups and downs in this period too, but the energy will be a lifting one.
So..who are you now?
What will you be doing?
What will you grace the world with?
I am soooo looking forward to finding out!!

Be grace, be love, be trust.

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