maandag 16 juli 2012

Break and Bliss weekend (English)

Wauw...are you experiencing the same as I am...its a blissfull time, and its also a time of breaking...breaking free, breaking up, breaking down and breaking through!!

We are breaking away from old habits and paterns, and that brings us freedom, and ofcourse also pain, because its breaking...nothing easy or sereen about it.
Old belief systems are being brought to the surface and are being scrutinized carefully...and if they no longer serve us and our growth, they are out the door!
Changes in your belief systems can run deep and this means we seamingly change our personality, and it can be quit sudden and unexpected.
One day you believe in something, and the next day you radically throw the belief out.
One day you may support something and the next day you can't support it even if you would want to.
Things that were tolerable before...are impossible to tolerate now.
And all of it is sincere...
This seemingly inconsistency is hard on us...and possible even harde -more confusing - on the people around us.

Ofcourse you can't let that stop the change, you can never let the change will not stop it will only get warped, because the energy is moving wether you agree with it or not.
Not because the energy is a bigger power then you are thebigger power!
We have asked for these changes, and the objections do not come from our soul (I am, higher self, higher consciousness whatever word you prefer) but from our ego.
Our ego is extremely attached to our story , and wants us to make choises based on the experiences we have accumulated during the making of this story. Thats what the ego is made from!
Our soul knows that that aint necessary at can let go of the are not the result of the are way bigger then that.

When you realise that, when you feel you are a greater power then just that ego, tháts where the bliss comes in..
Then you know..its so much better to just go with the flow.
 May sound lame, may sound like a 'new age' cliché...but its true.
If you find it hard to go with the flow...I suggest you do it physically..go for a swimm and feel what it feels like to not resist the water. Or if you can't get to water, dance! Close your eyes and sway....let the movement come naturally.
This song to me has been key to learning that...hope it will suit you too..


Bless you
Be free

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