dinsdag 17 juli 2012

I Am ...Chef'Special (English)

Sometimes I get infected by the virus of music. Sometimes its temporary, like a cold, and sometimes it is permanent, like a chronic infection.
My most chronical one is the Red Hot Chili Peppers...from way back when I was in my punk days I heard their music; funkadelic mayhem masters...loved em. Saw them live a few weeks ago...and still adore em.
As a derivative, I also listened to the solo work of John Frusciante (the guitarplayer) and I must say....his music can sweep me away like nothing else...it has the ability to make me forget about time, household, food and all...which is not appriciated by my family.
What can I say..i'm an all or nothing kinda gal.

A temporary bug that caught me, for example was Jeff Buckley. I knew his music, but one day it just hit me fully...and I was mesmerised..by his voice, by his genius, his appearence...everything. For days I was glued to my headphones. Listening, drowning, analyzing, loving ...yeah I think I must have forgotten to cook once or twice...

Now I have a new virus, and I have a strong presumption its a chronic one.
They are called Chef'Special. Went to see them with my son a few months ago, and I was blown away! From the very first tones they made me smile (bigtime) and that smile stuck on my face the whole show...probably way after too.
These five wonderfull men just have it all! The music makes you wanne jump around like crazy (for my 46 year old knees this is a souvenir for a week) they make you wanne know the lyrics so you can sing along with the simply irresistible frontman Joshua, and makes you close your eyes and drift away when Guido solo's off. Drummer Wouter, groovin' and smiling as contagious as the agile elasticity of bassmaster Jan. And then there is pianowizard Wouter, whom I strongly suspect is kind of a genius.
They are happy, angry, mellow, up, chill and fierce...but most of all...they are sooo energetic!
(aaah I hear you think.. tháts where the energytherapist-spirituality comes in!)

The energy they give is so pure and sincere and poures straight from their being into the energy of the audience where it blends to a symbiosis. Tangible oneness.
It makes you a participant in a whirlwind of recigive...and ooooh my..I love to be swept off my feet like that!
You know that feeling? When something is really good...it makes every cell in your body go whooopie!!

Cought as I am, I wanne know all there is, hear all they ever made, listen to them talk in interviews and study their...well, energy I suppose.
And in doing so, I discovered what makes this band destined  for everything they want.
They say they have a plan...but I would say a deliberate creation.
And as you know, creations only work if there is no room for doubt...if you decide, in full naivety to follow your dreams, your passion and your bliss.
These guys did just that...they found eachother, discovered they had matching talent, share the same drive and goals and thus created this wave of loving energy that will engulf anyone who comes close.

This is probably the last summer they play small venues - the secret is out - so we'll go see em whenever we can...savour the memories and be proud to have walked with em a little...
Thanks you for being you guys, biggest monkeys of em all...thank you for being Chef'Special.

In love and awe

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