vrijdag 20 juli 2012

How to expand and keep yo' behind small (English)

No seriously...how do you do that? How do you expand, allow yourself to grow, be bigger then life, take up all the space you want/need, be extremely present...and not have your body expand with it?
Seems to be quit a problem nowdays, for yours truely included. 

Thinking back, my body started to expand right about the time I started on my spiritual path. (well...was always on that ofcourse, but consciously...chosen..awake)  
My biggest challenge at the time was to become truely and firmly grounded (as it is for most people) ....mind and body.
The previous years I had my two children, and that certainly brought me back to being aware of my body. 
In fact I was in awe ...how could a body - that I had not treated very well - perform such a miracle? Twice!
But being aware of your physical being is not the same as being grounded. And if yer not grounded, there is no way you can do healing work, the energy is gonna be all over the place and can not be directed.
Its so funny when people say that energywork is kinda woowoo (in Dutch they - litteraly - call it 'floaty' ) when its quit the opposite. Its very earthly, grounded, feet on the ground.
So...to get there, how did I do that?

One of my menotors - Krijn Koetsveld - gave me a mantra, helping me to connect to the Earth, and I did this mantra several times a day, for about two years. In the beginning I did them with two large turmalins, jumping up and down...yeah, I was quite e severe case of ungroundedness hahaha...
(will send you the mantra if you want it, just drop me a line) 
But, back to the subject at hand...all this physical connecting, made my body very aware of gravity obviously, and hey, putting on some weight will surely help! 
So I did. No, not by choise obviously...I just wasn't aware of the consequenses of not being more specific in what I wanted and how I wanted it. All I asked for was being more grounded...and so the universe delivered. About 10 kilo's of it.

So..now I am working on that; to be more specific, ask for what I want, without having this universe - with its wonderfull sense of humour - interpred it as it pleases.
 And its the same with everything you ask for, or want to create...be specific, because if you leave room for interpretation....oh boy...

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I would love the mantra... and I can so relate to your post! Thanks, and have a grounded, skinny day!