dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Get outta here!! (English)

Solaractivity still going strong, we had an X-flare on the 6th, an almost X-flare on the 8th, a few M flares (two of em this morning) and lots of CME's keep coming our way. And eventhough the most active sunspot just turned away from us, there is a new one ready to face us, and that one is promising some fireworks again.

I keep getting a lots of questions about the sun, the flares and the cme's , so I have started writing sort of a folder about all of that. When its ready, I will ofcourse let you know. If you are sure you want it, please leave your emailaddy at:'' Wanne be informed? Leave email here'' at the right upper corner of this blog.

So, last saturday we did another distance healing/meditation and as always it was great and informative and connected and humbling. I'm truely greatfull that you join me and support me in my work.

This time a lot happened again, but there was this one thing thats really memorable.
We are all our greatest critic..right? Don't need nobody else to put us down, tell us off and break us into pieces. We all know this voice that tells us, we are not good enough, too tall, too short..ah wel..you get the point.
During the meditation this person detached itself from me, becoming a seperate kinda person. She was not a pleasure to encounter, obviously not my favorite part of me.
So...I sent her away! Told her to leave the premises, get out of my space and be gone!!
And I actually saw her behind a fence, screaming and waving arms through the bars of the gate..what a ridiculous entity! What a hysterical part of me!!
It made me smile..and it made me laugh...
Its a wonderfull image to have...ofcourse I hope she has been banned for ever, but in case she rears her ugly head again...i'm sure to send her right behind the bars again!

Have a great day!

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