maandag 2 april 2012

The Hungergames (English)

Yesterday i went to see the blockbustermovie "The Hungergames" with my daughter...i quite frankly i was confused. Why are these books and why is this movie so extremely popular? (in the USA and in the Netherlands recordbreaking numers of visitors)

The story is about a young woman that lives in a world that is divided in districts, where people are poor, and repressed by The Capitol, the place where the dicator Snow lives with his wealthy and well-off followers, superficial and just as repressed, by their own vanity and materialistic lifestyle.
As punishment of a rebellion -74 years ago - against the Capitol, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each (of the 12) district are chosen to participate in the Hungergames, an event (and a huge social happening in the Capitol) in which these kids must fight in an outdoor arena , until only one remains.

The first half houer of the movie, i was mortified. The given story was making me sick to my stomache.
But i was also confused, because i watched a lot of movies about good versus bad. I watched a lot of movies in which people get killed in their struggle. (a lot!)
So...was i so shaken by the fact they were kids? That would be pretty strange, because how old is Luke Skywalker? Frodo? Harry, Ron and Hermione are not exactly grown-ups either.
It is absolutely disturbing that the kids in The Hungergames don't have any other option, but really, neither did Luke, Frodo or Harry..
(okay..they at least were not faced with having to kill all of their opponents)

But then it became clear to me what the most disturbing is...the fact that these 'games' are concidered entertainment. That hits close to home now doesn't it?
All the tv-shows where people get eliminated? Where we vote off the least popular? Laugh at the ones with the least talents?
Are we the superficial people of the Capitol? The vain..the uncaring ones with designer clothes, the plastic nails, extensions in our hair and the unending demand to be entertained? The wants, needs, desires for more and more...

How unsetteling...

When i came home, i just had to read the sequel...deeply longing for an uprising, a revolt!
In desperate need to restore my faith in humanity.
Getting there...starting part 3 now..


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