woensdag 11 april 2012

No blogs (English)

No blogs from me lately...not just because the Sun is calm ..no flares, but also because i have the feeling that there is nothing to say.
We are all making a journey inside..and what could i say about that?

Again old stuff is coming to the surface, we chew on pasts...we either swallow it or spit it out.
A lot of it gets stuck in the lower chakra's and a lot of people - a lot - are experiencing backproblems, and stomacheflu's, crampy intestines... hips are stuck, spines are painfull...isn't fun this ascension?
Yay 2012!

And eventhough the Sun is havin a pauze (maby its is also gathering itself) there is plenty new energy to keep us busy for the next few weeks. See...the energy that is brought on with the flares and cme's is not coming and then leaving...it comes in and is here to stay. The changes are permanent.
(as i said before..we don't know what changed ...because we can't remember how it used to be)
And it aint over yet! Much much more to come and if you think it will all be over after 2012....sorry, yer wrong!
It will be like this at least till 2015, but i do think this will be the most intens year...bringing us the deepest change.

Want some help or guidance?
Lately i have been doing a lot of distance healings (or have your cards read) , and you are welcome to enquire about that.
See ya!!


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