donderdag 26 april 2012

WTF (English)

Pardon my language, but WTF is going on.. I hear people say and see them write!
I'm going to assume that you, reader are a lightworker..a person that has been on the spiritual path for a while now and was prepared for the shifts of 2012. we are, prepared and knowledgeable, well informed and you read the books, zen and balanced....

'Uh...zen and balanced you say...I remeber that..I used to be that!!!'

Yes, a lot of people seem kinda lost, even the ones that knew what this year was going to bring.
We knew it was going to leave us confused, doubt all we do, know, feel, think...and remember what was needed? Trust. We need to stay in trust.
You know.
You knów that your heart is, go to your heartspace and know all is well. All is exactly how it is supposed to be. Stay in trust, trust is love and love is what connects the dots.
Don't fall into fear and doubt, or judge or play (ego)games, remeber that everyone around you is you..mirroring...even if that hurts. Mirrors are not meant to make you feel good, they are not here to flatter you, stroke your ego...they are telling you the truth. So thank your mirror, learn your lesson and move on.

A lot of people, including me, were expecting an x flare last night (from sunspot 1465)...but we only had 3 c-class flares, kinda keeping us on the go. Still this feeling of great expectation will not subside...I think we are in for a shift like we haven't experienced before. Nothing 'heavier' or  'more/worse'...but different. Maby not a shift but a jump?

So after yesterdays blink, we now add the jump?
Its like a dance! Shift, blink and jump! Woohoo!!

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