zaterdag 28 april 2012

Waves (English)

We are on a wave of C-lass flares (X beiing the strongest, then M in the middle and C being the smaller ones) so, nothing spectacular (though we had one M yesterday too) but its very consistent and on-going.
I think its funtion is to not have us come to a stand still. (don't stop and think) We are in a transformational process and we have to stay in that motion. Move on move on...

My observation tells me that we are going through real changes at the moment. And as far as i can tell, it is all about togetherness. About the endtime, the endgame of polarity, about the move from 'them' to 'us', about finding middle ground instead of fighting for opinions.
Ofcourse it also means that the purging of the old is widespread. As i said to a friend, a wound that needs cleaning has to release its pus first. There's a lot going on, all at once, and a lot of pus is coming out of a lot of wounds.
So it is important that we focus on the healing that is this process...lets focus on the good of this, that the result is going to be..wholeness, healed-ness and thus oneness, togetherness.

The wave of flares keeps us moving, don't stop, don't think, don't go to your mind...feel the energy of change, feel the energy of us all...feel it is moving, constantly ..and if you don't stop and think, don't go to the mind we act..and acting without thinking comes from the heart.
These are heart times.
Share your heart.
Share unconditional love...the only love that lives in the heart.
For everyone, for everything...all the time.


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