zondag 15 april 2012

Thyroid (English)

ts very strange..if you wanne read up about the thyroid, and you do this on Dutch googled pages..its is all about medicine. About the choise to take synthetic or animal made hormones.
If you google in English..you can read a lot more about alternatives and foodadvice.

The reasons for googleling this, is because i think i might have a slow thyroid. A lot of the symptoms fitt perfectly and i was kinda relieved to realise that this might be the reason of a lot of my ''problems''.
Completely unable to loose weight, headaches, a strange kinda tired, shaky hands, puffy eyes...etcetera.
I was explainig it all away on shifting symptoms, and didn't realise it might actually manifest as a physical thing in 3D.
So..calling the doctor for a diagnosis tomorrow. My doc knows i only want her to diagnose, no meds.
The best meds are food in my opinion, so i am educating myself on wich foods to eat and wich to avoid (and i was happy to read that a lot of researchers and medical people tend to agree more and more) 

I don't have a medical problem that needs solving, i have a thyroid that needs the right kind of attention and nurishment.

Funny thing is..i have been juicing a lot lately, and that probably helped me to identify all of this.
Because i always juice raw broccoli stems, spinache, endive and have been eating truckloads of salades..all helping to slow down the thyroid even more...darn.
Speltbread is very good to keep your bloodsugar balanced, but also slows the thyroid down...darn.
Then again i was very happy to read about pumpkin, lentils and koriander being good for me...its what i love most and what we'll have tonight :-)
So...i have a lot of reading to do...balance to find and healing to do.
I choose to be healthy. I am health.
All is well.

So..thyroid..I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry, thank you.


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