dinsdag 17 april 2012

Spectacular Flare (English)


Here we go again, flares flying! The past days there have been some good ones, and yesterday afternoon there was one of the most spectacular we have seen in years!
Look...it was literaly off the charts:

It was a medium size one (M1.7 to be precise) but it was just exceptionally visual. Even astronomers from Earth could see it, lingering over the north-east limb.
North east, wich means it is turning towards Earth soon and I would not at all be surprised if this means we are going to experience another flare wave soon.

Late april, beginning of may...be ready.
Prepare yourself to receive the energy..don't resist the change..it is here to help us. It will help us shift..it will help us adjust to the new Earth.
If you experience problems with these shifts and need some help, contact me.

On the 22nd I will be doing another distance healing and meditation, contact me to join in - ingeastrid@hotmail.com -  i will send out the instructions a few days before that.



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