donderdag 19 april 2012

Movement (English)

Now and then i feel like a little boat..bobbing around on still waters...going nowhere...just hanging out at one spot..move to the left a little, move a tad bit to the right (what is right and what is left) ..gently , calmly..not going anywhere (having no idea where to go anyway)...floating, enjoying the sun...sigh..nothing happening...hello, getting kinda bored here!

And then these sunflares happen...or a whole wave of them!!

I'm starting to move again, unable to resist the tug, here we goo, out world, 'cause here i come!! Get out of my way! Woooohooooo i'm flying!!! '' Don't stop me now, i'm having such a good time, having a ball'', do this, do that, develope a plan, make decisions, be brilliant, speak your mind, manifest, write, talk, make, get, do!!! Help..someone get me out of heeeeere!!!!!


Are you getting used to this...even if its just a little?
I am..looking forward to picking up speed again!!!


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