dinsdag 6 december 2011

Riding the wave..(English)

Like a roaring thundering wave, the 11-11-11 completely swept us of our feet..some riding the wave, some going under, tumbeling, screaming  - for fear or for joy - gasping, wildly paddeling (or calm) ...but as waves do, this one too came to shore, last weekend.
Some painfully hit the rocks, other rolled on to the beach with ease...but all of us looked around in amazement.
Some with sorrow for what was lost, some smiling for what was gained.

This shift was a big one.
We managed to pull all of our energy together, to change all that we knew into...all we have always known, on a whole other level.
We landed on the playground of unified consciousness, but being the adults we are, most of us have totally forgotten how to play!
So..some of us find a bench to sitt down, close their eyes and contemplate, many talk to others, some are yelling in anger, and some feel o so lost...
(and yes...some have no idea somthing happened)
Many know, maby not from their heads , but from their hearts, that we have created  the opportunity to create an loving, sharing, warm, laughter-filled and uncomplicated earth.

This transformation has changed everything..the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, the love we share..
Now is the time to be in your heart, see the heart of eachother, connecting hearts, to live and give freely from the heart.
Your higher self, the I AM, the God-power, is not a force from outside ourselves, its not something others need to pass on or teach (truely there is no other) it is all in us.
All knowledge, all that is good, ALL is in us..we are ALL.

This a bit woowoo for you?
Okay, just know that you kick ass! You are great, you are love, lets celebrate!!!


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