maandag 19 december 2011

For the children (English)

We are al going through something fierce right now, since the end of october our world seems to have been spinning faster somehow.
People are feeling the new earth coming and they seem to be shedding what doesnt fitt that new life.
Ofcourse you can see this in the news, with the rising against dictaorships in the Arabic world, the occupy movement, the efford to have Europe be one..

And as always, if things happen big, they also happen on a smaller more personal level.

Jobs that don't suit anymore, friendships that don't feed you, relationships and marriages that have reached its lifespan, and even within families relations are being cleared out...its not the little things that are changing...and it brings a lot of hurt and sadness forward. (I will bet you that a lot of christmas gatherings will not at all be peacefull and sereen)
Thats all good and fine, what needs to be is the time. So be it...

All that sadness and cleansing and sorrow and pain does not just stay within is all over the place, its very tangible. Go to a place where there are lots of people, and you can feel, actually féél that you walk through a sadness that is knee deep...some places its goed right up to the chin.
Imagine this litteraly.
Now think of the children...remind yourself of how tall they are, walking, or in their strollers; they áre at knee-deep hight!
How many kids do you know that have taken ill the past two weeks? How many have been sick to their stomaches? Vomating...nauseus?
For the really sensitive ones (and thats a lót of them) the world is a hard place to be in right now, they are willingly or unwillingly helping this process along, this transformation, this shift.

I ask all of you, please release the children conciously, take responsibility for your own shi(f)t, claim it, transform it, make clear descisions, choose your direction firmly!

Love ya,

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