zondag 11 december 2011

Identity...sigh (English)

Identity is not what you wear, but wearing what suits your identity, to complement what you feel, that is a part of identity, and i am telling you, i find it kinda hard..
Since all the shops are selling kind of the same stuff, chance that you dress just like any of the neighbours is huge.
Being the old hippie, new-wavepunk that i am (on the inside anyway) i sometimes want to dress fitting to that inside, and that gives me - looking at whats being sold out there - a few options:

Eiter i go gothic (nice dramatice style, very Morticia Adams) ...but a 46 year old gothic is truely a sad thing..most of them look kinda sad anyway..so, gothic is out, i laugh way too much!
I could go alternative hippie namasté flowerchild-like..but they don't look like me on the inside either..baggy
colourfull harempants, patchy shirts with the seems inside out...these rainbow people always put a smile on my face, but somehow its just too shapeless for me.
Probably there are really beautifull clothes for sale in the design world...one of a kind like dreamy well fitting draperies...but that would require me to winn the lotery and that is just not happened yet. (creation can be so slow sometimes...sigh)
Leaves the sowingmachine that i actually have somewhere in this house, but honestly i don't know where it is. I hid it...and believe me, its for the better...every time i use it it is in real danger of flying through one of the windows...can't stand the thing, have no patience for it...so another option out.

So what is a woman to do.
Go to youtube and creatively cut up all my t-shirts?
Go to second hand shops and buy weird combinations?
Or just tell myself once again that identity is not in my clothes?
I sigh...put on my bluejeans and h&m shirt and pretend that i just don't care.

Love ya!

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