dinsdag 13 december 2011

Be aware of what you think...(English)

Yes...you need to be aware, that you really need to be aware of what you think, because your thoughts are added to the one big energy, and that is the great pool of energy the whole world swims in!

We all grew up, knowing that you need to be carefull what you say and to whom you say it. Be polite, don't use foul language, choose your words with care, think before you speak...right?
In your mind you had the freedom to think whatever you liked, be impolite, cuss em (or worse) all!
Well sorry to have to tell you this, but you are going to have to stop letting your fantasies get away with you!
We really need to become responsible for what we think, how we think it and become aware of the effect it has on the world.

See..we are more and more becoming one again, (yes again, because ofcourse its is this ONE-ness we all came from anyway)  and that means that we are also more and more interlinked with eachother, not only through what we do, what we say...but also what we think. Its is all manifestation of energy right?
So...be mindfull...be full of heart, approach everything through unconditional love.

So what do you do when your teacher is (ofcourse) being unfair? Your parents don't understand you (at all!) , your pesky little brother/sister is driving you insane, your neighbours are assholes, your husband/wife is being an idiot, your parkingspace keeps beeing nicked, the bloody rain won't stop falling or your governament (ofcourse) is made up of brainless monkeys?

Send them love.
Just send them all a bunch of love.
''Are you kidding me?''
Nop...love em more then ever..because, what you pay attention to ..grows.
So pay attention to love, empowerment, joy, ease, abundance.
" But will it change them?''
Nop..but it will change you.

Love ya!

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