zaterdag 10 december 2011

Moon Sun eclips what? (English)

The moon is full en the eclips is total...the sun is quiet but also active...there are flares but they all flare away from earth...en now even a flare that is eclipst-out by rising plasma! Such mayhem up there! (beside us, under us)
But i feel very clearly, and i am sure you do too, that there is a change in the air now.
Since the end of oktober there has been a huge movement, waves rising high and collapsing with a vengeance..wich resulted in a lot of relationships on the rocks, surpressed feelings coming to the surface, with lots of tears or disease, many throat-infections and bronchitis, allergies breaking out, stomachaches (cramps) en lots of arguments..well maby arguments is not the right word..maby it was more acting-out that a lot of us did!

And now...the storm subsided..there is quiet...and much needed peace, and suddenly there is joy in the air!
(i would not be at all surprised if the wolves will laugh at the moon in stead of howl!)
Plans and ideas that we have been carrying with us for a long time, now are taking real shape...just watch it..the next couple of weeks will be perfect to write them all down, shape em, make em real..and at the end of this month the will be a whole poor-out of creation!
The new world has been born...and we are all on our way!
Are you in the starting blocks?
Ik am..2012, here i come!!!


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