woensdag 7 december 2011

Head heart head heart head heart (English)

Feeling like a jojo?
Bobbing up and down from yer head to yer heart...ALL the time?
Well same here.
When i am not paying attention...woop..straight to the head, where worries live and thoughts are having a ball!
Untill i notice...and i drop right back into my heart..where its peacefull, loving..its where the true knowing lives.
Ahh...relax...the heart is good...and with a smile in ease i walk along.
About 30 steps later...i notice me thinking again!
You know; gotta do this and that, have to take care of that...what if i can't make it, what if blahblahblah....STOP!
Caught myself!
Back to the heart.
Smile my goofy smile.
Be aware...don't think...just be aware, (wich in itself is hard to do without thinking about it, with analysing) we are so addicted to thinking, this ever selfobstructive thinking!

Like Eckhart Tolle says: ''worry never solves anything''
Take in those words....cause by golly we loooove to worry!
And he is (ofcourse) right..it never solves anything, changes anything or gets anything done!

So..be in the heart...smile and know, for when you smile...the world is a better place.
The new earth is where the heart is.

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