vrijdag 23 december 2011

Lovejoy....story of a comet...(English)

Let me tell you a story, call it a christmas tale...

Once apon a time, it was about ten days ago, the astronomers saw a comet, and they named it Lovejoy. Lovejoy  was rather big and the poor thing was heading for the sun.
Since the comet was largely made of ice, the astronomers were looking forward to the spectacle it would create when the sun would heat up the ice and the damp would flare up like a white flame in the bright light of the sun.
They were clinging to their telescopes so they would not miss a thing!

This was going to be quite an transfromation, not unlike the transformation that was going on on this planet called earth. On earth people were also flying toward big changes...a lot of stuff vaporising..maby even burning it completely!
Not all the people were having an easy time with this...people feeling alone, scared...
Maby the comet was too?

Then, a few days before it was going to hit the sun, the astronomers saw that Lovejoy was not alone, a smaller comet was flying along side, same speed, same direction, like a little guardian angel.
Together they were going to face their fate...flying along, together...side by side.
Then the day came when they grazed the sun....and a bright crystallike flame lit up, it was amazingly beautifull!
The astronomers could not keep their eys off of it...and saw...to their surprise and awe...that Lovejoy was not at all destoyed like it was supposed to have!! It was smaller now, but it was still flying!! Away from the sun! It had survived its hottest hour!!

Brave brave Lovejoy...faced its biggest threat, like the people facing their greatest fears and challanges.
The past few days, no telescopes are needed...we can see Lovejoy flying by the earth with our bare eyes...and its perfectly magical.
I don't think its companion was ever mentioned again...but they do say that Lovejoy has a beautifull double tail...do you believe in guardian angels?


ps I am not an astronomer but merely tell a story, so i'm not sure its is scientifically right :-)

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