woensdag 30 november 2011


Lately, i think it started around 11-11-11, i am noticing in myself and others, more and more, the longing to be silent. Its as if the details, that words are, are less and less important..like the greater whole is getting more important and silence suits it better?
It is as if my heart want to be heard (felt) ..without the interference of interpreting words, without scentences that yet to be understood.

''Coincidentally'' there was a program on the tv about a presenter going into a retraite, where everyone was silent en there was lots of meditation. Ze found it difficult, did not feel at ease at all and her back hurt while meditating. As the days went by, she started to relax, she discovered she was able to hear her-self, and was learning to hear (the hearts of) others. (even the pain in her back was gone now and then)
So, even after a few days you cán listen to your heart again...you can hear how much this silence wants to tell you.

When she left the meditationcentre, the confrontation with her normal life was huge...the noise, the hustle and bustle, everywere..all the time..
She wanted to lock herself in het house...just meditate...seeking that silence.
So tháts how fast you can unlearn the crazyness, tháts how fast silence belongs to you.

Wouldnt it be awsome if the whole world went quiet for a few days...no computers, no tv, no washingmachine, no radio. No cars, no planes no bus no train.
No talking.
What would it bring you?


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