vrijdag 4 november 2011


Are you on the same rollercoaster i am? Are your emotions taking you from utter bliss, to deep sadness to euforia and depression and back again?
Seems like nothing is stable anymore..
Don't worry though...all is exactly as it is supposed to be.
We have started the big shift..people are going through deep changes.
For a lot of consciouss people this is nothing new - been there done that - so why do we feel it anyway?
Well...its just what we expected, we are all becoming one, the veils are dropping, we all get plugged in to the collective consciousness and so we experience what everyone else is shifting.

What can we do to not let it sweep it off our feet?
Realise that the pain and confusion is not personal...as soon as the emotions start to take over, plant your feet firmly on the earth, take a deeeeeep breath through your feet upwards, right into your heart. Take another deeeeep breath through your crownchakra, right into your heartcentre.
Feel the connection with ALL there is, and know that all is well.
There is like this undercurrent (uppercurrent) of '' ALL being just as it should be''...keep in touch with that space, it is your space, your connection to the divine.
From that space, transform all your confusion into knowing and send that out to the world.

Feel love, be love.
I love you.

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