vrijdag 25 november 2011

New moon, new beginning


Round 10/28 and 11/11 an energy came that brought us profound changes.
For me personally this resuslted in experiencing clearly that everyone and everything is connected to everything and everyone. That also means i feel the world more profoundly...wich sometimes is a pain, cause i also feel and experience stuff that is not mine personally.
A lot of people have been letting go of a lot of stuff lately, but what is this letting go? (cause if all is one..how can you let go?)

Imagine rolling around in confetti with a wet body...it wil all stick to your skin. But if you then step into the bathtub...it will come off..and float around you in the water.
Can you see that?
Its is still there, but you don't take it on personally anymore..it doesn't stick to your skin.
Its just there.
And you let it be.

Since yesterday i feel like a cycle (within a cycle within a cycle) has come full circle, and that coincides beautifully with huge stuff going on in the universe....a partial solareclips, a new moon and Mercury in retrograde.
What does that tell me?
The sun, the male aspect (doing) is for a moment giving the stage to the moon, the female aspect (being) ...wich means new ideas will be created...but with Mercury in retro (obstinate) i would not quit do something with those ideas yet.
They are there.
Let it be.

Lets translate that into....light some candles, cocoon, drink hot chocolate, look into the eyes of loved ones, count blessings and...be...


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