vrijdag 18 november 2011

Stripy sun

Look, is that not an awesome (ultraviolet) picture of the sun?
This big ball of light and lifebringer is going through someting big right now.
The darkblue stripe, wich measures almost 800.000 km is a filament. Thats is a band of energy, a huge wall of plasma. ( or a cloud of particles)
The sun-stronomers are excited for they have never seen a filament this big.
A few days ago some of it flew off in the direction of Venus, and now we are probably waiting for more of this plasma to burst and produce a Hayder flare...and perhaps that will come our way...

What does that mean? Does that effect us..how?
I don't want to talk about the practicle side of that...there's always google if you wanne know.
I want to talk about what it could mean for us spiritually.

The past week we all have been given the opportunity to open up our chakra's, specially the middle ones, the Sacral, the Solar Plexus, the Heart and Throat chakra's.
That means a lot of feelings are beeing felt, and a lot of blockages are experienced. How many of you have stomachepains? Sore throats? Coughing? Headaches?
Specially a lot of children seem to be effected by the coughing, especially kids that have a strong throat chakra energy...you know, the ones that talk way too much :-)
See..the energy wants to move through us...it wants to move! And if we have a blockage, the energy will have to push through, even if our bodies are a bit slow, trying to catch up but c,an't ...they will get ill.

Try to stick it out...not by using medication, but by movement..intention..wave your hands where the energy seems stuck, sing, walk, dance...
Ask for healing, ask for help...

This is important i think, because when the Hyder flare comes, it will be like a wind of love through our system, it will be like a cleansing...
So open up the doors, the windows, don't forget your attic- and basement door and windows!!
(not really you silly...inside of you i mean!)

We will be blown into the age of aquarius...and we can make it a struggle...or we can just fly along..

Love Inge

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