zaterdag 5 november 2011

Sunflares 11-11-11


Are you a sunflare follower like me? When i open my computer first thing i check out is, to see if there have been, or will be sunflares.
When i started to notice these flares, i could definitly link them to headaches, emotional discomfort, dis-ease in myself and people i talked to. So, it was worthwhile getting more information.
Sunflares effect the magnetic field of the earth (and other plantes) and we really don't know much about that field, except that it plays directly into our emotions.
(Jim Self : '' Thoughts are electrical, emotions are magnetic'')
You don't have to take my word for any this, its easy to check it when you are alert.

What i noticed after a while, is that it also effected me was playing with my head in a way that was new to me. It felt like there is a cylinder inside my head that is spinning (my innerhead as i called it) and i somehow knew that i could use the energy that this spinning is releasing to heal myself.
(since then i concluded that it is part of the Anthakarana, the conduit, the ''tube'' that connects us with the centre of planet earth and the centre of the universal sun)
If you focus on this movement, and if you welcome it, and know its yours and all is can just draw energy from that like money from an ATM. Its easy... is now speaking of this wonderfully huge sunspot that released an x-flare (thats a biggy) on november 3rd, and will probably release more in the days to come. I think i agree with that. In fact i think it will be releasing huge flares of which the coronal mass ejections will hit us by the time the world gets ready for the celebration of 11-11-11. (because the CME will hit our atomsphere a few days later)
This is just megamulti cool, because it will give all the workshops, parties, celebrations, meditations so much energy, that we will be releasing a humongous amount of love to the grid and it will make the unityconsciousness flower like it has never flowered before!

Lets go for it, make the most of it!!
Love you all!!!!

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