woensdag 13 juli 2011

The power of words

The power of words is really real...its not just an intellectual concept, every word carries its own energy.
So, we should maby choose our words with a little more care then we are used to.

Everybody who has ever been in a relationship knows the power of the words 'i love you' ...how exciting it is to hear from a boyfriend/girlfriend for the very first time...it kinda makes your heart jump and there is this jolt of pure joy in the stomache area, right?
And remember the first time you told someone you love them? How fast did your heart go? How precise did you want to time it, how nervewrecking (in a good way? Is there a good way for nervewrecking?) was it to say? How scared/excited were you?
Ofcourse its not words only, not just syllables, its the energy behind the words that makes you feel emotions.

So, what words do you choose?
Our kids fell into the habit a few years back of describing their dislike with the word 'hate'.
'' I hate him/her, or i hate doing this, i hate school'' , and allthough hating school i did understand, i began a campaign against this word, because it was dragging the (their) energies down.
So, everytime i heard it, i asked them to choose another word. Litteraly i said; '' Please choose another word, we don't hate, its against our principles''.
It made them laugh at first, then they found it annoying but i kept saying it, because i wanted them to not own the ehergy of the word, not keep 'hate' as part of their energysystem.

Choosing your words carefully.
Lets say you have just lost something or someone; how do you descibe what you feel?
You could say; ''i am sad'' or you could say; ''i feel sad(ness)''.
They might seem like the same words, but they are not the same energy!
The first one makes you identify with the word sad completely. It leaves no room for you to feel anything else, and you scentence yourself to sadness.
The second option, leaves plenty of room, because you can feel all kinds of emotions at the same time, and it does not máke you the emotion.
You kind of put some distance between you and the sadness you feel, wich will make it easier to handle.
Might seem like a small difference....but its not.

Thats pretty cool isn't it?
See how empowering that is? For, if you can choose the words/energy, you can also change the words/energy.

''What you give attention to...grows''
So sticking with the word 'sad'.
If you replace the word with a word with another energy, the emotion has no choise then to change too. Its wise to choose a word that is kinda close to the word.
When you feel the emotion of  'sad', its a big leap to replace it with 'power'..that might just frustrate you.
But 'sad'  could for example be replaced with;  'still' or 'at ease'. And when you grow into that, you could replace those by 'alive' or moving'...and if you grow/feel those, you can replace them by 'in controll' or 'in power'.
That will surely take you out of your otherwise fixed position of stuckness.

The wonderfully inspiring teacher Jim Self calls these words Living Words...what are your Living Words?
PLAY with them! Have FUN with em!!

Shifting your energy is shifting your emotions is shifting your life, woohoo!!


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