donderdag 21 juli 2011

Ease or Complication

There seems to be a fight going on; within and outside, in micro and in macro, in you and in me.
The fight is between ease and complication.

We want ease but we complicate.
We need ease but create complications.
We long for ease, but seem to be at ease with complications.
Complications are what we create with the greatest of ease.

(Ever tried to give a reaction to a blog on blogspot? No ease in that! Halfway through the proces, i'm lost and give it up, complicated!)

Like a lot of people in the world i am also going through the ascension  proces and it is not easy.
Its not complicated in itself, but we make it complicated.
The biggest complication we create is wanting it all NOW!
We don't like the dis-ease of the past visiting... we don't want to be off balance...we dislike pain.
We don't like complication.
We want ease...

May you ease through our complications.


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