zaterdag 2 juli 2011

I am Inge Astrid

I am Inge Astrid and this is my first blog. So i guess i should introduce myself.
How do you introduce yourself and not get lost in some story that is my past...and thus not real? All that is real in NOW...and now i am a 45 year old woman, sittig on the couch in a quiet house because my husband and two kids are in the city..playing Magic (the Gathering) i had some time on my hands..and stumbeled upon blogging. i am! But did i introduce myself now? How does one do that?
I could tell you about my job..i am a selfemployed energyworker. I help people to heal themselves. I do that with hands-on healing at my or the clients house. Or at a distance and with the help of the world wide knows no boundries and travels through time/space and space/time with no trouble at all.
No trouble at all...that sounds very nice...makes you wanne be energy huh?
O ..o..wait...we ARE energy!! Yay...thats good news!!
(So ...did i introduce myself yet? Maby you nee to see who i am?)

Yep..thats me...does thát help?

Thats least..thats the vehicle that carries me around in the world.
Still not sure i introduced myself.

Time for groceryshopping.
Have a wonder-full day!!

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