maandag 18 juli 2011

Goodbye Harry, Hermione and Ron...

Today i went to see the very last of the Harry Potter movies. It was a great movie...glued to the seat of my chair (and sort of  jumped up a few times)  because of the magnificent suspence (even if i knew how it was going to end due to the books), every shot was perfect to me, the sound was awesome, and my emotions swept me away...

When my daughter was 4 i started to read the first book to her at bedtime...when we had finished the 5th book, my son said that it was not fair cause i did not read them to him (eventhough they shared a room) so.... i gladly started all over again and read all em em again to the both of them. We finished the read in the beginning of 2008.

The first movie we must have seen when they were like 4 and 6 ears the ar 12 and 14.
The end of the epic Potter saga seems to go hand in hand with the end of their childhood years.

My own marvelous witch and wizzard...starting to grow whole new adventure.

Thank you Harry, Hermione and Ron for making their childhood all about magic.

With deep gratitude, love and sadness

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